Instruction / Curriculum Design and Creation

Modern organizations seek education and training solutions that work best for their employees. Programs bought off the shelf from multiple vendors can lead to content stored on different systems, often without ongoing management or attention to quality and relevance.

Our instructional design and development team’s path to improved efficiencies and cost reduction includes:

  • Focus on performance-based learning solutions and business impact
  • Flexible cloud-based LMS enabling variable demand and global scalability
  • Agile and efficient development processes that drive speed to deployment and ensure quality

Efficiencies build in cost reductions through:

  • Standardized industry best practices and technologies
  • Elimination of redundancy in content and learning assets
  • Efficient project management and financial tracking/reporting

Curriculum Development

Apex Partners, Ltd., creates flexible, customized and engaging content that results in improved learner performance through various modalities, including:

  • Mobile learning – eLearning & Micro Learning
  • Virtual classroom – Blended Learning
  • Classroom – at our location or yours
  • Performance support tools
  • Content Creation – video, text, and more
  • Coaching & Mentoring

Our approach to curriculum development is grounded in a disciplined strategy to ensure optimal cost, schedule, and quality, while offering a flexible development process that incorporates the industry standard methodology of Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation (ADDIE).

We start from where you need us to — from your must-haves or a blank slate. From there, we add a sixth element, maintenance, to refine and evolve courses as needs and priorities change.

Content Curation

Our content curation services help organizations of all sizes get control of their content, organize it for better access by learners and source or build new content to fill gaps. We ensure all content is aligned to organizations’ learning objectives.

Analysis and Design

Our proven methodologies develop an integrated, customized road map and delivers the best learning solution.

The foundation for a successful curriculum is the needs analysis upon which eventual learning event is based. This analysis — both the content and the learning paths — is fully addressed with your goals in mind.

An optimally designed learning solution significantly increases learner satisfaction and reduces overall training costs. The result is an integrated design and development process where content is more rapidly produced, flexibly delivered, and expertly blended.

If you’d like to know more about how our learning solutions can take your business to the next level, please contact us today.