Custom Learning Management Solutions Solutions

Train your employees, partners, and customers with our custom LMS solutions. Manage, track, and achieve your learning goals — all through a single, powerful solution with a global reach.

  • Employee Training. Empower employees to know, do, and achieve more. Our easy-to-use LMS helps you to efficiently deliver, manage, and measure your employee training.
  • Customer Training. Empower your customers’ success and grow your business. Train your customers to improve on-boarding, reduce support queries, and increase revenue, in a scalable way.
  • Partner Training. Scale, support, and strengthen your partner network. Deliver training with LearnUpon LMS that increases partner knowledge, mindshare, and sales.
  • Compliance Training. Achieve, record, and maintain compliance. Manage your business’s compliance training all through one intuitive learning platform.

We go beyond simple transactional exchanges of features and functionality. Our customer-first culture means we’re more than just an service provider. We build personal relationships with our customers that solve real problems and add real value to their business.

Employee Training

  • Automate your training process. Save time by eliminating repetitive administrative tasks. Our LMS allows your team to automate enrollments, notifications, and more.
  • Consistent learning. Use our all-in-one training solution to create formalized and consistent training practices for every employee.
  • Simple to use. Roll out and manage your learning programs quickly and easily with our simple to use functionality and interface.
  • Scalable. Train and engage large numbers of employees across multiple teams, locations, and time zones.

Customer Training

  • Drive adoption and retention. Offer product tutorials, feature updates, and more that help customers quickly engage with your product.
  • Support customers better. Save time by preventing common support queries with consistent training for every customer.
  • Increase customer satisfaction. Free your teams’ time up to have more high-impact interactions with customers and improve their chances of success.
  • Strengthen your brand. Create a go-to resource for customers where you can share your industry knowledge.
  • Dive deep. Use our LMS to automate certified training programs.

Partner Training

  • Enable partner success. Build a stronger, more productive partner network by delivering product training.
  • Scale training. Engage partners anywhere, any time by delivering scalable training.
  • Onboard for success. Quickly train and onboard partners to enable them to start selling your products or services faster.
  • Maximize resources. Reduce costs and better support your partners by providing consistent, impactful training.

Compliance Training

  • Efficient management. With our LMS, you can deliver, manage, and record your company’s compliance training.
  • Efficient training online. Save time, money, and resources by providing all your training online.
  • A single solution. Reduce compliance burden for admins and learners by using a simple solution to deliver compliance training.
  • Secure records. Know your compliance records are safe, secure, and trackable, with our reliable LMS.
  • Automate your certification process. Ensure your employees are always compliant with certification and recertification.

If you have a current LMS, and you’d like custom content creation, we’re happy to help. Being customer-first means we’re here to listen and deliver on your needs. Contact us today. We’re happy to help.