Introduction to Forensic Multimedia Analysis with Amped FIVE

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Learn the whole forensic multimedia analysis workflow – from unplayable file, to clarified and restored video that plays back in court.

This class serves as the entry point for those analysts involved in forensic image and video analysis, also known as Forensic Multimedia Analysis, and their use of Amped FIVE software platform.

This class features a detailed overview of the technological, legal, and personnel aspects of working with multimedia evidence (video, images, etc.) in a forensic science setting. Graduates will acquire an introductory level education and training in the knowledge necessary to evaluate and analyze multimedia evidence in a forensic science setting. With an emphasis on science and standards compliance, students will also learn the best practices of reporting, packaging, delivering, and presenting their findings and evidence in the criminal / civil court context.

The curriculum is presented with strong emphasis on the work flow required to process this unique type of evidence in Amped FIVE. Beginning with the end in mind, each example is presented and students learn from the standpoint of an eventual testimonial experience.

Graduates will acquire training in the techniques and skills necessary in utilizing Amped FIVE  to perform complex examinations, restorations, and clarifications on digital multimedia evidence in a “forensic science” setting as well as to package, deliver, and present those findings in their local court room context.

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This course not endorsed by or offered from Amped SRL, an Italian company. It’s offered out of the USA under the Fair Use doctrine. See (Apple v Franklin), 17 U.S.C. § 101. This course does not involve the distribution of software.

Amped FIVE was also known as Axon Five, powered by Amped SRL technologies.